MegaFon: Shopping Mall Internet Traffic On The Rise in Yekaterinburg

17 April 2017 (14:13)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 17, 2017. The amount of Internet traffic processed at Sverdlovsk Region-based shopping malls doubled this year, while the number of smartphones used there went up by 20%, the telecommunications provider MegaFon’s press service reports.

Smartphones are now a customer’s best shopping helper. According to Nielsen analysts, Russian shoppers tend to rely on their smartphones to collect product information: 53% visit more than one website to find the best price offer, and 52% resort to social network discussions to make a decision. Quite a few do a price match online while in already in the store. Surveys indicate Russians most often use their smartphones for additional information when shopping for electronic appliances,’ the press service says.

MegaFon looked into the Internet traffic data from Yekaterinburg malls to find out which one proves the most popular data transfer and selfie-making location. It turns out that Dirigible Mall (1.9m selfies), Fan-Fan (1.5m), MEGA (1.4m), Passage (1.2m), and Globus (1m) are the city’s top five spots.

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