EVRAZ KGOK Upgrades Fleet of Vehicles at Severny Mine

18 January 2017 (13:48)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 18, 2017. EVRAZ Holding’s Kachkanar Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise (KGOK) keeps upgrading the facilities and equipment in use at its Severny mine, EVRAZ Holding Ural’s press office reports.

A new, 130-ton self-dumping truck was introduced at the mine in early January. This is the 30th vehicle the company bought as part of converting the mine to a new ore production and transportation scheme.

‘Switching the mine to a new, combined scheme is one of the ways to make it more productive. In addition to 130-ton BelAZ trucks, the company also purchased a number of wheeled graders and heavy-duty bulldozers, a fuel truck, and a wheeled loader; we also put up a certain amount of railroads,’ the press office says.

The new BelAZ arrived at the plant in December. Once assembled, the vehicle got tested for heavy-duty performance mode as well as for possible defects.

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