MegaFon Launches LTE in Novouralsk

23 September 2016 (12:53)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 23, 2016. The telecommunications provider MegaFon is launching its 4G+ options in Novouralsk on the eve of All-Russian Internet Day.

According to the company press service, their super-fast mobile Internet connection is now available in every part of the town, so another 80,000 people in the Mid-Urals area can now enjoy the benefits of LTE.

‘4G+ means it takes our subscribers a great deal less time to download bulky bits of data. A 4G+ user will only need eight minutes, at the most, to get a 1.5 Gb movie downloaded. Compare this with some twenty minutes in a 3G network and over thirteen hours in a 2G one. We upgrade our networks and introduce new technologies every year, while our prices only keep going down. In fact, data transfer costs the same for 3G and 4G+ networks,’ says MegaFon Sverdlovsk’s Director Alexei Voronin.

MegaFon now offers Internet connection at the speed of 75 Mb/sec in Novouralsk, which allows users to watch HD films without having to wait and play traffic-intensive online games. The company is confident an Internet connection that is this fast can easily replace one’s home ISP’s options.

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