MegaFon Launches 4G in Four More Sverdlovsk Region Towns

20 March 2017 (14:47)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 20, 2017. MegaFon announced the launch of its 4G network services in Nizhniy Tagil, Kamensk-Uralsky, Serov, Asbest, and Zarechny, the telecommunications provider’s press service reports.

‘This super-fast mobile Internet connection through our LTE network is now available to 700,000 more people based in Sverdlovsk Region. They can get webpages opened instantaneously, watch videos, and play online games comfortably. Over 3m locals are now covered by our reliable connection options, which amounts to 70% of Sverdlovsk Region’s population,’ the company press service says.

4G connection speed is five to seven times greater than the earlier generation 3G and one hundred times faster than the 2G options. MegaFon subscribers will now need dramatically less time to download large chunks of data. For example, it only takes three hours to download the equivalent of the entire set of Game of Thrones episodes, compared with the the fifteen hours needed within the 3G network. Also, it only takes a minute to upload as many as 200 photographs into one’s social network account. Most importantly, 3G and 4G data transfer options cost the same.

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