Tominsky Withstands Ecologists’ Assessment

27 June 2016 (09:14)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 27, 2016. Experts from Ural State Mining University carried out an independent audit of Tominsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise and stated it could be environmentally safe to go ahead with the construction, Russian Copper Company’s press service reports.

The independent auditing procedure was commissioned by Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky. Ural State Mining University was assigned to do the job. The experts were presented with over 600 volumes of project documentation, which it took them several months to look into.

According to Deputy Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Oleg Klimov, both the city and the constituency authorities were faced with numerous queries from Chelyabinsk locals, who wanted an independent assessment of the prospective enterprise’s environmental impact. The audit was meant to meet the public’s needs. In addition to studying the project documentation, the university experts also looked at the list of the most frequently asked questions to find answers to them in the papers provided by Russian Copper Company.

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