Tominsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise presents preliminary report on environmental impact

June 24, 2014. In compliance with the current legislation, Tominsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise (a member enterprise of Russian Copper Company) informed the general public of holding public hearings on their preliminary report on the projected environmental impact the enterprise’s production and processing of ore in Tominsky ore deposit will have, Russian Copper Company’s PR Department says.

The announcements of the hearings were carried by three types of mass media: on the national level, Rossiyskaya Gazeta published the announcement on June 20, while Yuzhnouralskaya Panorama (federal constituency level) and Sosnovskaya Niva and Gornyatzkaya Pravda (local level) published the announcement a day later. The announcements contain all the addresses at which the materials relating to Tominsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise can be dounf: there are 26 locations in Sosnovsky and Korkinsky Districts altogether. All the materials are also available via the company’s official website.

The law allows for thirty days for all the interested parties to get acquainted with the files and provide their feedback and comments. In addition to feedback registers, local residents can also submit their comments via email or regular mail sent to the company’s address. They can also use a feedback form on the Russian Copper Company Group’s website. All the comments will be read through and systematized, upon the completion of which task the company experts will come up with professional answers to the submitted queries.

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