Mikheevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise Construction Project Approved by State Experts

20 February 2013 (09:33)

February 20, 2013. All the project documentation for Mikheevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise has been approved by a board of state experts, which means this large-scale investment project can be now implemented in full, Russian Copper Company’s PR Administration reports.

On January 11, 2013, Mikheevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise was given an approval of Russia’s Glavgosekspertiza in terms of its project documentation and the findings of the engineering surveys on Mikheevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise’s open-pit mine.

On February 4, 2013, a state board of experts’ approval was granted to the company’s project documentation and engineering survey findings related to a processing plant with the production capacity of 18m tons a year (these figures are valid for base ore and tailing facilities plus the re-circulating water supply system).

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