Russian Copper Company Joins Environmental Congress

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 26, 2016. Russian Copper Company’s representatives took part in the All-Russian Industrial Environment Congress in Yekaterinburg, the company press service reports.

The company’s Environment, Labor Protection & Industrial Safety Director Natalia Gonchar made a report on protective measures taken at Mikheyevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise and on the green aspects of the emerging Tominsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise.

‘We invited quite a few experts from colleges and research labs when Tominsky was designed, so that we could get our technological processes and their environmental impact scrutinized and estimated. This work resulted in a large set of environmental measures presented in the project documentation (which has already been approved by the government experts),’ Gonchar said.

According to Galina Pakholchak, Professor at Ural Federal University, the environmental experts’ job at the time any industrial enterprise is designed is to minimize its environmental impact, or make it completely neutral, so, in this respect, Russian Copper Company did everything right.

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