Akademichesky Proves Yekaterinburg’s Best District

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 24, 2016. Akademichesky proved the city’s most comfortable and developed district, N1. RU reports.

Yekaterinburg residents were asked to assess the district they live in against fifteen infrastructure parameters. It appears that overall, people (wherever they live within the city) are the least happy with the traffic situation and the quality of roads and the happiest with the number of shops and with friendly neighbors.

According to the survey findings, people living in Akademichesky complain mostly about the traffic jams and shortage of parking lots, while all the other criteria scored very high.

Botanika, Parkovy, Yuzhny, UNTs were also among the top five districts, while Avtovokzal, Center, Yugo-Zapadny,VIZ, and Vtuzgorodok were among the top ten.

‘Our findings indicate that potential home owners mostly look for transport links and low crime rates when deciding on where to buy a place,’ says N1.RU’s Press Service Director Lidia Ratnikova.

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