Electromachine to make more civilian goods

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 18, 2016. Electromachine (a member enterprise of Ural Vagon Zavod Corporation) will start putting up a unified testing center before the end of March.

According to the company press service, this project and a number of others (such as the reconstruction of their heat and power facility) are part of the national special-purpose program on the development of the Russian defense industry in 2011-2020; this program is currently being worked on in quite a few of the corporation’s member enterprises.

The testing center is needed in order to meet the RDV319.02.70-08 Complex Quality Control System requirements. The center’s equipment will be used to test the current and prospective developments in accordance with GOST Moroz-6 standards. Also, the reconstruction of the heat and power facility will make an entire range of connected plants more energy-efficient, help cut energy costs, and ensure a more reliable power supply.

Electromachine started working on the national special-purpose program in 2010, when its departments got completely retooled. The current focus is on Blank Production Department 4A and Mechanical Treatment Department TsGAP, the retooling and reconstruction of both of which are 60% complete. Forty-three new equipment units were installed there and 3,141 m2 worth of facilities were reconstructed. This year, the plant is also planning to re-build two floors in Department 6 and complete all the building and assembly jobs in Departments 4A and TsGAP.

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