33% of respondents say their family members out of jobs, opinion poll says

18 January 2016 (11:54)

January 18, 2016. Family members of 33% of respondents lost their jobs in the last months of 2015, the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center says.

The unemployment problem is estimated to be at -28 points in Russia on the whole, while the Russians’ job-finding potential fluctuated between 43 and 50 points throughout the year and came to 49 points last December.

It is reported that every one if five people (22%) is positive they will be able to find a similar job easily if they get fired. Every one if four respondents (25%) believes they will be able to find a job like their current one if they make a little effort. Some 32% of those surveyed feel finding a new place would be difficult, and 17% are inclined to think finding a new job will be impossible without going down either on money or seniority.

The share of those trying to create a ‘safety cushion’ in case they lose their job remained the same last year as the year before and came to about a quarter (24%) of all those surveyed. These are mainly urban professionals (39%) and people with good incomes (37%). The share of respondents planning to start saving up also remained more or less the same as before (14%). Around a third (31%) of respondents are not saving up; nor are they planning to do so in the future.

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