HeadHunter: 76% of Locals Face Money Trouble While Looking for Job in Yekaterinburg

18 May 2016 (13:38)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 18, 2016. 76% of Yekaterinburg-based job-seekers are faced with cash flow problems while on the lookout for a job, HeadHunter’s research findings indicate.

Based on the results of the survey, financial trouble is felt very keenly by two-thirds of the respondents, while the rest appear to be coping. Only 5% of those surveyed never face any shortage of funds and live on their savings or their family’s income during their employment-seeking period. They do admit, however, that this safety cushion or family support would only be enough for no longer than three months’ time.

It is reported that every one in three respondents (36%) have to borrow money while out of job: some borrow from family, every one in ten people borrows from friends, and 5% of those surveyed had to take out a bank loan.

About a half of respondents (56%) had to seriously cut down on their spending until a new job has been secured. Apart from money problems, 76% of the job-seekers are also faced with psychological trouble when the job hunt takes longer when expected.

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