Bank Koltso Urala’s acquiring service profits triple

May 29, 2015. Bank Koltso Urala’s profits stemming from POS transactions tripled in the last three quarters, the bank’s press service reports.

‘Thanks to introduction of a flat rate for our acquiring services, Bank Koltso Urala managed to increase its POS sales by six times. Starting from last April, both our acquiring service profits and our customers’ trade turnovers have been growing steadily,’ says the bank’s executive Kirill Sorokin.

According to Sorokin, the average monthly turnover now comes to 90,000 RUR per POS terminal.

‘Offering our customers a flat rate proved the best scenario for a market where businesses have been facing growing rates everywhere,’ he said.

Bank Koltso Urala offers companies a POS terminal with a flat rate of 1.7% of their trade turnover.

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