Bank Koltso Urala is one of Russia's top 130 banks in terms of asset volume

6 December 2013 (09:55)

December 6, 2013. Experts from Kommersant economics supplement drew up a rating of Russian banks based on their asset volume, with primary attention paid to the volume of the banks' own funds and to how quickly it was growing. According to the supplement, Bank Koltso Urala is Russia's 123d largest bank and Yekaterinburg's 3d largest bank in this respect, that is, out of 400 banks featured in the rating, the bank's press service reports.

According to RIA Rating's calculations, 650 banks managed to build up on their own funds in the third quarter of 2013; this actually represents 75% of Russian banks. This was actually the best quarterly result in 2013: in January-March 2013, 73.6% of banks increased their own funds, and in April-June, 67.1% of banks increased their own funds.

As for Bank Koltso Urala, its assets exceeded 33.7bn RUR in the end of the third quarter of 2013, the growth rate was thus over 10%. According to Interfax-CEA rating that Kommersant refers to, Bank Koltso Urala's own funds stood at around 3bn RUR in Q3'13 and now keeps growing steadily.

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