Florists, catering companies order more POS terminals from Bank Koltso Urala

January 30, 2015. POS terminals are enjoying increasingly greater demand on the part of food and flower delivery services this winter, Bank Koltso Urala’s press service reports.

The bank’s Cash & Settlement Services Director Kirill Sorokin points out that only big-city businesses used to be interested in providing cashless payment options for their customers; companies from much smaller and provincial locales are now asking for POS terminals as well. This winter, a number of delivery services (florists, pizza companies, Japanese food restaurants, and supermarkets) also applied for these.

‘Small enterprises had it brought home to them that, unless they offer card payment options, they’ll lose quite a few customers. Remarkably, when it comes to northern areas such as Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Region and Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Region, the demand for POS terminals soared among grocery delivery services when customers refused to go to supermarkets in cold weather. Flower delivery companies, in their turn, are mostly purchasing all the equipment to be ready for St. Valentine’s Day and the International Women’s Day,’ he says.

Now Bank Koltso Urala offers its customers the so-called Terminal Option, where you get a settlement account and a POS terminal with a flat fee per transaction; this option is suitable for businesses of any size.

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