Bank Koltso Urala models ‘typical customer’

April 30, 2015. Bank Koltso Urala’s experts modeled a portrait of a ‘typical customer’ opening a bank account with them. Such a customer is likely to be a woman between 45 and 55 years of age who lives in a large city or the primary town in a particular district and keeps slightly over 300,000 RUR in the bank, Koltso Urala’s press service reports.

‘The data we have been collecting over the last year or so indicate women remain the most proactive private customers: over 70% of all the bank deposits get opened by female clients. Nevertheless, male customers place larger sums with the bank: women trust us some 300,000 RUR on average, while men’s deposits come to over 450,000 RUR,’ says Koltso Urala’s Retail Director Denis Belogurov.

According to the executive, customers in the 45-55 age group set up the largest deposits, while customers in the under-25 age group deposit the smallest amounts. The same is true of customers who prefer to keep their savings in euros. At the same time, the picture looks different for customers with dollar deposits: the largest dollar deposits are made by customers aged 35 to 45.

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