Pervouralsk celebrates PNTZ anniversary

May 14, 2015. A solemn ceremony was held in Pervouralsk today to celebrate the 81st anniversary of Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant/PNTZ (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation). The ceremony took place next to the monument dedicated to the plant’s legendary director F.A. Danilov.

The plant’s first sixty-four pipes were rolled at the pipe-drawing department on May 13, 1934.

‘Dear fellow workers, I congratulate you on the special day in the history of Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant! PNTZ stands for a highly professional team of purposeful and dedicated present and past workers. Thanks to this team’s efforts, thanks to you, the plant’s products enjoy great demand these days and meet all the international quality standards. Our future employees, students on our Future of White Metallurgy program, look up to you,’ PNTZ Managing Director Alexander Isaikin said to those present at the ceremony.

The plant has manufactured over 68,000,000,000 kg of pipes in the last eighty-one years. The plant has by now mastered nearly all the existing steel pipe-making technologies and currently produces more than 25,000 pipe varieties from more than 200 different types of carbon, alloyed, and stainless steels and steel alloys.

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