PNTZ gets ready for 80th anniversary

4 March 2014 (10:11)

March 04, 2014. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ, a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) started getting ready for its 80th anniversary. The plant was officially set up on May 13, 1934: on this day, the first 64 pipes were drawn in the Pipe-Drawing Department, the enterprise's press service says.

'In the time we have left before this special day, we'll coordinate a number of festive events in Pervouralsk that will be open to everyone: long-service employees, plant workers, the local youth, and the youngest residents of the town. The festivities will feature sports competitions (a relay race and a bike race) and arts contests (a unique exhibition called Eighty Photo Facts about PNTZ), the company says.

Special attention will be paid to the plant's workers: 80 best improvement proposals will be selected and awarded from the applications submitted by Quality Clubs (the daily employee meetings aimed at detecting production problems and finding ways to deal with those). A solemn thank-you ceremony will be organized for the 250 long-service employees who are the same age as the plant, and 280 workers will be awarded honorary certificates and award pins; some workers will be given the title of Honored Metallurgist.

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