PNTZ improves pipe accuracy for nuclear and heating industries

January 23, 2015. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) upgraded its cold-roll mill (KhPTR 15-30 No. 9) meant for making longitudinal pipes up to 20.5m long, the plant’s press service reports.

‘Thanks to these improvements, the product’s performance characteristics grew much better: the geometrical accuracy is considerably higher and the idle time is down,’ ChTPZ Group says.

The mill has been operating at the plant’s pipe-drawing department since 1980. The last overhaul was given to it in 2001. Due to an excessive workload, the mill has been operating non-stop since 2008, with 4,004 meters worth of pipes a month on average. Enterprises that make heat-exchange equipment for the nuclear and heating industries are the primary customers for the product.

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