Uralvagonzavod starts youth surveillance raids

18 December 2014 (12:06)

December 18, 2014. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s head plant introduced youth surveillance raids: young skilled workers on these teams have to detect any deviation from rational use of energy, material, and labor resources at the plant and to give advice on how to improve the situation.

‘The reason we decided to engage our younger workers in the project is that they become involved in the production process and grow more labor-responsible through actually witnessing how material, labor, and other resources could be used irrationally and how energy spending and other expenses could (and should) go down when all production norms are complied with. The rational use of resources will allow the enterprise to enhance performance efficiency by several times,’ the corporation’s press service says.

The members of the surveillance teams are selected based on what a specific department does. Ideally, a surveillance raid team consists of a youth organization leader, a technician, a mechanic, and economist, and a personnel manager, all of them supervised by deputy head of department. Every department gets its own checks schedule and a special surveillance protocol where all the feedback should go. In case some deviations are detected, they should be talked over with the foremen and eliminated.

It was also decided that a contest for youth surveillance raids should be held every quarter; the most efficient teams will be awarded with honorary certificates and prizes.

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