Alexei Gilmutdinov Chairs Uralvagonzavod Youth Committee

17 December 2012 (09:18)

December 17, 2012. The 15h conference of Uralvagonzavod youth organization took place at the corporation’s head plant. The agenda of the conference covered things like a summary of the organization’s performance in 2012 and electing the new committee and chair. Alexei Gilmutdinov was thus elected as the youth organization’s chair, Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s press officer reports.

Youth projects are one of the plant’s social policy priorities. Uralvagonzavod employs 13,459 people under 35, which is 45% of all the staff. In 2012, the number of young workers rose by 700 people. At the moment, the plant’s youth organization comprises 7,358 people and is the largest such entity in Russia.

‘Uralvagonzavod’s youth organization was set up in order to help the division heads make the workers’ labor even more productive,’ the Personnel Recruitment & Training Director Sergey Vassilyev said in his speech.

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