ChTPZ launches new storage facility

18 December 2014 (12:06)

December 18, 2014. Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant (ChTPZ) launched a new storage facility for raw materials and finished goods from the ceramic flux production department, ChTPZ Group’s press service reports.

The red-ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on the eve of the department’s anniversary. The new site means ChTPZ will be able to increase its one-off shipments to customers considerably and spend less on logistics expenses.

‘The company’s ceramic flux production facility supplies its customers with 14,000,000 kg of goods a year, about a half of which amount is used for making large-diameter pipes by the Group itself; the rest is sold to outer customers. ChTPZ ceramic products are noticeably more affordable than their foreign counterparts, and the quality is just as good. The opening of a storage facility will make it possible to meet the growing demand for our produce and to fulfill orders faster,’ says ChTPZ Managing Director Valentin Tazetdinov.

The first 1,000 kg of flux stored at the new site have already been shipped to ChTPZ Group’s Vysota 239 department in order to make LDPs for Gazprom.

Up-to-date equipment, newest technologies, and skilled staff allow the plant to master and produce new types of ceramic flux that meet all of the customers’ demands. Today, the plant makes six flux varieties that are used in the pipe-making industry, in the metallurgical sector, in the shipbuilding industry, for making metal structures, and in the energy sector. ChTPZ delivered its pipes to major natural gas and oil pipeline construction projects, including the Power of Siberia.

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