ChTPZ Group, WorldSkills Russia to popularize vocational education

1 December 2014 (09:29)

December 1, 2014. A cooperation agreement was signed by ChTPZ Group and WorldSkills Russia during the WSR General Assembly, coordinated with the support of the Russian Federation Education & Science Ministry and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

‘The paper was signed by ChTPZ Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant’s HR Director Alexander Luzhbin and WSR Director Pavel Chernykh,’ ChTPZ Group’s press service says.

During the ceremony, the two parties said they were both eager to unite their efforts to enhance the prestige of blue-collar jobs, to popularize and develop vocational education and raise its standards, and to improve the cadre potential in the parts of Russia where ChTPZ Group operates.

ChTPZ Group has been an active participant in the World Skills events since Russia joined the international movement in 2012. In January 2013, the WSR’s first national championship in mechatronics was held on the premises of the Group’s Training Center. Prizes went to the students on ChTPZ White Metallurgy Program Alexander Litvinenko and Artur Islamov. The two winners joined the Russian national team at the WSR international championship in Leipzig in July 2013. They proved some of the strongest players in their field.

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