Over 40% of Russian businesses affected by crisis

10 March 2015 (14:35)

March 10, 2015. 44% of Russian businesses admit their financial situation has deteriorated, says the National Financial Research Agency based on a nation-wide survey.

The crisis has affected micro-enterprises the most (they make up 50% of those for whom things went from bad to worse), as well as the companies that were set up before 1999 (46%). Approximately a third (32%) of managers surveyed feel their companies’ financial situation has remained the same, while 19% of respondents think their businesses are better off now than before. The rest of those surveyed said they were not sure.

Roughly a better part of respondents (43%) evaluate their companies’ financial state as ‘average’; most of these are small enterprises (47%).

About a third (32%) of those surveyed evaluated the situation as being above average (‘good’ and ‘very good’)’ these tend to be managers of large businesses (49%). Every one in five respondents (21%), nevertheless, evaluate their companies’ situation as ‘not good’.

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