Uralvagonzavod Corporation holds annual amateur Olympics

14 November 2014 (09:17)

November 14, 2014. The annual round of amateur Olympics came to a close at Uralvagonzavod Corporation. This year, the games were dedicated to the Sochi Olympics and proved the most participated-in competitions in the company’s history. 21,000 workers of Uralvagonzavod, the head plant, and of member enterprises in Chelyabinsk, Kamensk Uralsky, Yekaterinburg, and Volchansk took part in twenty-nine different sports competitions.

The corporation’s press service says people of all ages and qualifications joined in the contests. 43% of contestants were in the 18 to 35 age group, 32% were between 35 and 50 years old, and a quarter of participants were over fifty. What’s more, members of the long-service employee club were invited to participate as well: this year, the number of seniors who took part in the sports competitions rose by 13%. Special attention was paid to the coordination of family contests as well.

The relay race for the company newspaper Machinostroitel prizes was among the most large-scale events of the games. 1,370 people competed in the race this year, and the traditional ski trek gathered almost twice as many (2,000) sports fans. 3,778 employees joined the volleyball cup, 545 people ran the cross-country race, and 7,956 players competed in the winter and summer five-a-side championships (compared with only 5,496 players last year). Finally, 975 people joined the paramilitary sports race (up 143 players on 2013).

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