Uralvagonzavod hosts 71st track-and-field contest

5 June 2013 (10:00)

June 5, 2013. 1,200 employees from 12 member enterprises of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation took part in the 71st track-and-field relay race, with prizes awarded by the company newspaper Machinostroitel.

The corporation’s press service reports that all the participants were divided in 104 teams and ran 2,775 meters.

In addition to the corporation employees, a number of amateur sports players from the Security Department and Sverdlovsk Region division of Federal Firefighting Service that liaise with Uralvagonzavod took part in the race as well.

This year, the race was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the stadium that belongs to the holding’s head plant. A whole constellation of talented sportsmen and women was trained there over the last decades, including Natalya Ragozina, the world’s absolute boxing champion, Maria Savinova, the 30th London Olympics winner in the 400-meter race, Mikhalina Lysova, the Paralympics ski race champion and the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics bronze winner in the biathlon pursuit contests for visually impaired sports players, and many others.

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