Sverdlovsk Region won’t increase agriculture support in 2015

13 November 2014 (09:16)

November 13, 2014. The local budget subsidies to Sverdlovsk Region’s agricultural businesses will remain the same next year as this year, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department reports.

For that matter, over 3bn RUR were directed to support the local agricultural sector in 2014.

‘The money will be allocated for the same purposes as this year: interest rates on loans, subsidies per hectare of cultivated land, milk production grants, and so on. We hope more money will be allocated to reimburse farmers on their seed grain expenses, which is crucial, since this year’s trying weather conditions made it impossible for the agricultural businesses to rely fully on their own grain stock. Next year, we are also planning to start putting up our own plant breeding center, which will eventually help with import replacement. We have been promised some federal budget funding for this project,’ says Sverdlovsk Region Agriculture Minister Mikhail Kopytov.

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