Sverdlovsk Region Produces Only 15% of Grain It Needs, Agriculture Minister Says

9 August 2012 (09:20)

The meat and milk production went up in Sverdlovsk Region. The local farmers increased their milk production by 9% and their meat output by 6% against a year earlier, the region’s Agro-industry Ministry reports.

‘This means the agriculture is doing well in the region, it gets the timely and good quality subsidies from the regional and the federal budgets,’ says Minister Mikhail Kopytov.

Thanks to this, the region can afford to keep the local food prices stable. According to the data gathered in the course of the weekly monitoring by the ministry, the wholesale beef prices have gone down by 4% since the beginning of the year, milk prices have dropped by 1%, and egg prices have declined by 13%.
At the same time, butter, wheat bread, and mixed-grain bread grew more than 1% more expensive.

‘Only the flour prices have increased noticeably after the grain prices went up throughout the entire country. This region only produces about 15% of crops it needs, so we depend heavily on the shipments from other regions. It is possible that bread prices will go up, too. This is why we recommend that food manufacturers try to avoid dramatic price fluctuations and unjustified increases,’ Kopytov said.

The management of bread-making plants was asked to keep an eye on the prime cost of food items.

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