New concept for Yekaterinburg Central Stadium arrives in time for World Cup 2018

October 20, 2014. The Urban Planning Council under the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region adopted a new reconstruction concept for Yekaterinburg Central Stadium; this was done in preparation for the World Cup 2018.

The FIFA adjusted their site requirements recently: the stadium now must be big enough for 35,000 spectators (rather than the 45,000 required earlier). This is why the Russian Federation Government asked the parties in charge to come up with the new design solutions and make changes to the project design documentation.

According to Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policies Department, three possible reconstruction solutions were considered at the Urban Planning Council’s meeting.

The Chief Architect of ARENA Unique Structures Design Institute Dmitri Bush says the first solution would mean the least reconstruction work.

‘In fact, only the western stands would have to be remodeled, the track-and-field area would stay, the stands would be filled with demountable seats, and the canopies would remain above the western and the eastern stands. However, this solution will have to be coordinated with the FIFA,as the angle the stands are constructed under is not quite right. Besides, this solution actually offers the least comfort,’ he said.

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