Yekaterinburg Central Stadium reconstruction takes off

15 December 2014 (09:43)

December 15, 2014. The reconstruction of Yekaterinburg Central Stadium began in preparation for the World Cup 2018 games.

The city council’s press service says the internal parts of the stadium will get dismantled in December, whereas all the other remaining components will be removed from site by the beginning of summer, upon which the reconstruction per se will start.

All in all, it will take twenty-two months to make the football stadium meet all of the FIFA’s requirements. The surrounding area will be improved as well.

‘Yekaterinburg Council has already come up with all the tender files for a number of large-scale construction projects whose implementation will result in more comfortable, faster, and less congested vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The renovations will involve Tatichshev St, Repin St, Pirogov St, Lenin Ave, and some others,’ the press service says.

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