Shipments of building cargo drop 5.9% at Sverdlovsk Railways

7 October 2014 (14:18)

October 7, 2014. In January-September 2014, the amount of building cargo shipped via Sverdlovsk Railways declined by 5.9% and came to 15.9m tons, the press service of Russian Railways reports.

The volume of iron and manganese ore shipments went down by 0.5% as well and amounted to 9.5m tons, that of ferrous metals decreased by 4.2% and stood at 7.9m tons, that of chemicals and soda dropped by10.2% and came to 2.7m tons, that of timber goods decreased by 1.1% and reached 1.5m tons, and that of coal went down by 14.7% and came to 0.5m tons.

In the nine months of the year, 11.2% more oil and mineral products (28.5m tons altogether) were shipped than a year earlier. The shipments of chemical and mineral fertilizers, industrial commodities and molding materials, non-ferrous ore and sulfur-containing raw materials, cement, scrap ferrous metal, coke, and whole and crushed gains increased by 26.7% (10.8m tons altogether), 0.5% (6.6m tons), 9.2% (5.6m tons), 11.9% (2m tons), 3.5% (2.1m tons), 24.3% (1m tons), and 13.7% (105,000,000 kg), respectively.

As for the month of September, Sverdlovsk Railways handled more oil cargo: the median daily shipment came to 111,000,000 kg, which was 3,000,000 kg more than in August 2014.

All in all, Sverdlovsk Railways processed 913.2m tons of shipments in the nine months of 2014, which was 1.2% less than a year earlier. Despite this, the September shipments rose by 5.1% compared with last September and amounted to 11.3m tons. Sverdlovsk Region’s median daily load now comes to 376,700,000 kg.

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