Sverdlovsk Railways shipments volume declines 2.8% in Q1’13

16 May 2013 (09:22)

May 16, 2013. Sverdlovsk Railways’ freight turnover rose by 4.2% in April 2013 against April 2012 and amounted to 15.88bn ton-kilometers. The April shipments amounted to 10.9m tons, which was 0.5% less than in April 2012, Sverdlovsk Railways press service says.

In the first ten days of May, a number of continuous production cycle enterprises from the metallurgical and O&G sector exceeded their target figures for shipments. What is more, an ad hoc counter planning team resumed its work on organizing cargo shipments for building socially important assets in the north of Ural Federal District. As a result, Sverdlovsk Railways shipments amounted to 3.5m tons in the first ten days of May, including 0.956m tons of oil-based products (+10.6% on last year), 0.368m tons of iron ore (+6.3%), 0.195m tons of non-ferrous ore (+12.2%), 0.636m tons of building materials (+2.3%), 0.328m tons of chemical and mineral fertilizers, 0.196m tons of industrial raw supplies, and 0.256m tons of ferrous metals.

In January-April 2013, the volume of shipments handled by Sverdlovsk Railways came to 41m tons, which is 2.8% less than a year earlier. In the four months of the year, Sverdlovsk Railways handled 11.4m tons of oil and mineral products (+10.8% on January-April 2012), 7m tons of building materials (-21.4%), 3.5m tons of ferrous metals (-2.6%), 0.754m tons of ferrous scrap metal (-9.9%), 4.2m tons of iron and manganese ore (+1.1%), 3.7m tons of chemical and mineral fertilizers (-2.2%), 2.4m tons of industrial raw supplies (+28.5%), 0.415m tons of coke (-15.2%), 0.748m tons of cement (-2.2%), 0.687m tons of timber (-7.4%), 2.1m tons of non-ferrous ore and sulfuric raw materials (+0.7%), 1.4m tons of chemicals and sodium bicarbonate (-9%), 0.234m tons of fossil coal (-24%), and 169,600 tons of grains and milled crops (-62.3%).

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