Sverdlovsk Railways handle 5.7% less building materials in 2014

11 November 2014 (09:15)

November 11, 2014. The amount of building materials-related cargo that was shipped with Sverdlovsk Railways in January-October 2014 dropped by 5.7% compared with a year earlier and came to 17.5m tons, the company’s press service says.

The shipments of iron and manganese ore were also down by 0.4% (10.6 m tons), as were those of chemicals and soda (-8.9%/3m tons), ferrous metals (-4.3%/8.8m tons), timber materials (-1.4%/1.6m tons), and fossil coal (-19.9%/0.6m tons).

At the same time, the shipments of other goods were up: that of oil and petrochemicals went up by 10.9% and came to 31.9m tons, that of chemical and mineral fertilizers rose by 24.1% and reached 12m tons.

The company says it handled 111.7m tons of cargo in ten months of 2014 altogether and 11.6m tons last October (which was 4.5% more than a year earlier). On average, 373,700 kg of cargo are processed daily.

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