Uralcryomash to put up new production facility in 2015

29 September 2014 (10:19)

September 29, 2014. A new production facility is expected to be put up on the premises of Uralcryomash (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) in Nizhniy Tagil in 2015-2017

According to the corporation’s press service, the facility is meant for making 3,500 product units, including tank cars, liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas containers, and stationary cryogenic tanks. The production facility will be put up on the premises of the former Nizhniy Tagil Concrete Goods Plant 3.

The new facility’s area will come to around 50,000 sq m, with about 400 new jobs for workers and maintenance teams.

‘The construction of a new industrial site will give a new life to the plant, given especially the demand for natural gas motor fuel and the focus of the government industry support programs around this. The new production sites will mean an increase in production and therefore in ready goods and in profits, besides, it will be easier to join socially important projects, and new jobs will be created. As for the old departments, they will be used for experimental products,’ says Uralcryomash First Deputy Director-General Andrei Prosvirkin.

The new production facility will comprise five departments, two of which will be meant for cryogenic equipment, one for railway platforms, one for making liquefied petroleum gas containers 15-588-01 (certified in 2013), and one for making tank containers and chemical goods containers, as these latter enjoy demand as well.

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