Rock band Chaif films a video clip at Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant

August 14, 2014. On August 14, the famous rock band Chaif paid a visit to power generating unit 4 and BN800 reactor of Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant. They filmed their new clip there. The musicians also went to the turbine room, where a turbine is currently being assembled, and to the control room of the new energy unit, the plant’s Information & PR Department reports.

Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant’s employees explained to the musicians how the fast fission reactor works and why it is important in the nuclear fuel cycle. They also gave a little report on the nuclear industry’s environmental safety.

‘A lot of people tend to think that smartphones we carry in our pockets are the striking example of a miracle technology, but once you get here and see the real high technologies, you understand just how much bigger this is and how much work is invested into this,’ says Chaif soloist Vladimir Shakhrin.

The musicians are planning to use the videos they made on site for the clip that Chaif will dedicated to the Nuclear Industry Worker’s Day.

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