Japanese delegation visits Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant

4 August 2006 (13:56)

A group of PESCO executives and some representatives of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technologies of Japan have recently visited Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant within the framework of the Russian-Japanese MOX-fuel cooperation program. The Russian party is represented by a research institute of Dimitrovgrad and Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant of Sverdlovsk Region (the fuel assemblies with MOX-fuel are now being tested at the plant).

In the future, fast-fission reactors using MOX-fuel should become the basic component of the closed nuclear fuel cycle, which will allow for a dramatic expansion of the nuclear industry fuel base and minimize the amount of radioactive waste as well. Another benefit consists in having to extract less natural uranium. Besides, it will be possible to use the spent fuel left over from the thermal-neutron reactors, the spokesperson for Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant said to UrBC representative.

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