Nearly 2,400 Sverdlovsk Region residents to move from emergency-state housing in 2014

July 24, 2014. In 2014, 2,397 residents of Sverdlovsk Region are to move from obsolete and emergency-state housing to new homes, his press secretary refers to Sverdlovsk Region Prime Minister Denis Pasler as saying.

According to Sverdlovsk Region Energy & Communal Housing Services Minister Nikolai Smirnov, the first stage of the local special-purpose relocation program is in progress now. The program is expected to run in 2013-2017 and involves 18 cities and towns in Sverdlovsk Region.

'This work started in 2013, and the first stage should be completed this year. People from 136 emergency-state buildings are to move to new homes, this means 2,397 people will get better housing conditions. The total amount of financing is 1.363bn RUR, of which 693m RUR comes from the relocation fund. Out of the twenty-nine low-rise apartment buildings that should be commissioned and moved in this year, two have already been put up in Sredneuralsk and Tugulym. We are seriously concerned about eight prospective buildings in six towns,' Smirnov said at Sverdlovsk Region Government meeting.

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