BN-800 reactor is ready for nuclear reaction at Beloyarskaya Power Station

30 June 2014 (09:22)

June 30, 2014. The amount of fuel loaded into BN-800 reactor at Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station in Yekaterinburg is now sufficient for the start of a nuclear reaction (the minimum critical mass figure has been reached), the station’s Information & PR Department reports.

The final preparatory procedures and reception all the permissions from Rostechnadzor are now taking place so that the reactor could be taken to the critical state. This event, which is significant for both Russian and global nuclear industry, will occur within the next few days.

The preparatory stage for the first criticality stage of BN-800 reactor started in December 2013. On February 2, 2014, the gradual filling of the reactor with nuclear fuel began. Once the reactor reaches the critical state, the next stage of the launch will begin, followed by the power start-up of power generating unit 4 – making the unit part of the energy network and the production of the first kilowatt-hours worth of electric power. This will be followed by long stages of gradually reaching the reactor’s capacity through the experimental launch and production operation. Only then will the new power generating unit will reach its projected capacity in 2015.

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