BH-800 Reactor to Be Launched at Beloyarskaya in 2013

20 August 2012 (09:21)

The construction site of Power Generating Unit 4 with its BH-800 reactor will be handed over to Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station before the end of this year, OAO Concern Rosenergoatom reports.

Most of the building jobs at the site are about to be completed by now, so it was decided to close down the subsidiary Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station under Construction’s Directorate (which is currently responsible for managing the emerging power generating unit). By November 2012, the subsidiary will become part of Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station as its Capital Construction Administration.

The factual launch (the start of the controlled chain reaction) of BH-800 reactor has been set for the fall of 2013, the energy launch (the moment the unit starts generating electric power) has been set for the year 2014, OAO Concern Rosenergoatom’s press service reports.

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