Yekaterinburg orbital motorway to get Southern Semi-Ring by 2018

June 30, 2014. The construction of Southern Semi-Ring for Yekaterinburg orbital motorway will be completed by 2018. This year, the construction of the section connecting Medny and Polevskoy Tracts will begin, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeniy Kuivashev said at his meeting with Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin.

It is known that the construction of the first, pilot section of the orbital motorway that has linked the Yekaterinburg-Perm Tract junction and the road to the village of Medny has already been completed. In 2014, Sverdlovsk Region authorities are planning to start building the second section that will connect Medny to Polevskoy Tracts. An auction for the construction of the third section has already been announced as well. The third section will finish off Southern Semi-Ring. The project documentation is being drafted at the moment. Preliminarily, the idea is to build the tract through South Woodland Park. The construction of the third section is expected to take 2.5 years.

The construction of the orbital motorway began in 1994. The width of Northern Semi-Ring comes to two 3.75-meter lanes in every direction. The width of Southern Semi-Ring will come to two lanes in every directions, with the possibility of adding two more lanes. The orbital motorway was originally expected to have been completed in 2016.

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