Governor Sumin opens new junction

3 December 2009 (12:29)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin attended the opening ceremony of a new multi-level road junction on a loop road next to Chelyabinsk.

The Governor thanked all the builders who took part in the project and spoke very approvingly of the quality of their work.

‘This is a hi-tech piece of work that is very important for the region. It looks grand, beautiful, and very modern,’ Petr Sumin said.

According to the spokesperson for the Governor, the junction was made available to the motorists as soon as the symbolic red ribbon had been cut.

This junction belongs to Chelyabinsk orbital motorway whose construction began as early as 2003. The project’s total cost amounted to 2.4 billion RUR, with the lion’s share of the money (1.7 billion RUR) allocated from the regional budget.

As a matter of fact, the investments made into the motorway by the regional and federal authorities are part of a larger infrastructure development project. All in all, nearly 7.5 billion RUR have been invested in the construction and repair of Chelyabinsk Region’s roads over the last three years. Out of these 7.5 billion RUR, 4.8 billion RUR have been supplied by the region.

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