Russia’s Healthcare Ministry considers idea of building medical cluster in Academic District

25 June 2014 (09:12)

June 25, 2014. Russia’s Deputy Healthcare Minister Tatiana Yakovleva chaired a meeting on the construction of a medical cluster in Yekaterinburg’s Academic District. Sverdlovsk Region Prime Minister Denis Pasler, the local Healthcare Minister Arkady Belyavsky, and Rector of Ural State Medical Academy Sergey Kutepov represented the local authorities at the meeting, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policies Department reports.

‘Governor of Sverdlovsk Region and Sverdlovsk Region Government are interested in the construction of a medical cluster in Academic District. We are primarily talking about the expansion of the medical academy here, as this is the key solution to the human resources problem in the local healthcare system. Let me state once again that Sverdlovsk Region is willing to be in charge of providing a land allotment for the purpose, of designing the facility, and of partially financing the project. We also hope for co-funding from the federal budget. We believe this project might serve as a pilot one for all the other federal constituencies in Russia,’ Pasler said.

At the end of the meeting, Tatiana Yakovleva asked the heads of the healthcare ministry departments to come up with an approved list of technical requirements for the project of the new building for Ural State Medical University on the premises of the future medical cluster in Academic District by August 1, 2014.

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