Would-Be Med Cluster in Akademicheskiy Gets Curator

UrBC, Yekaterinburg. February 6, 2018. Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast Evgeny Kuivashev decided to appoint former Dean of Sverdlovsk Oblast Clinical Hospital 1 Felix Badayev for the position of Counselor. The Governor’s new Counselor will be in charge of setting up a medical cluster in Yekaterinburg’s Akademicheskiy District, Mid-Urals Information Policy Department reports.

‘Thank you for the many years of hard work. The time has come to embark on a new, very important project that we are working on together with Renova Group: a medical cluster. You also stay responsible for another socially important project: our Medical Chamber, of which you remain the Chair. As Governor, I give a lot of weight to the Chamber’s members’ opinion when working on healthcare programs,’ Kuivashev said.

‘The medical cluster I am to work on is essentially the basis for the entire constituency’s healthcare system’s development. The cluster will comprise a med school, a number of clinical bases, and scientific research institutes. This will be a combination of research, study, and medical practice all aimed at keeping Sverdlovsk Oblast’s locals healthy. This a very large-scale project. Sverdlovsk Oblast has always been one of the best-performing parts of the country as far as healthcare is concerned, and we still are, in principle. However, we need to keep on working to maintain this status. The cluster in question will help with this challenging task,’ Badayev said.

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