Sverdlovsk Region to direct 500m RUR to relocating maternity care clinic

5 December 2014 (09:48)

December 5, 2014. Some 500m RUR will be allocated from Sverdlovsk Region’s budget to relocate Yekaterinburg Maternity Care Clinic from Central Stadium to Academic District. The money will be spent on design and construction of the new building; the land allotment has already been provided for the purpose.

The clinic is being transferred as part of Yekaterinburg Central Stadium reconstruction; besides, there are plans to set up a medical cluster in Academic: the cluster will comprise the maternity clinic, Ural State Medical University campus, Institute for Injury Treatment & Orthopedics, and a number of other medical establishments.

Now a cluster this big and this professional is currently unique both to Sverdlovsk Region and to Ural Federal District on the whole. The cluster will be housed in Sections 9, 10, 34, and 39 of Academic District.

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