Gigantic LED screen gets installed in Mayakovsky Park for World Cup 2014 broadcasts

June 16, 2014. A large screen meant for broadcasting the games of the World Football Championship of 2014 is now being installed at Mayakovsky Park in Yekaterinburg, the city council’s press service reports.

The screen is over 60 sq m big. It is to be assembled from 135 60x60 cm modules in the course of a few hours: first, modules have to be put into place one by one, then, the structure needs to be connected to an electric power supply, and finally, the image settings will need to be adjusted.

This is a LED screen that will be able to operate in any weather and in virtually any temperature, from forty degrees centigrade below to forty degrees centigrade above. This is also a high resolution, 10-millimiter-pixel screen. As little as eight meters away is enough to enjoy a good quality picture.

‘Such technical parameters mean that supporters will have an equally enjoyable viewing time from any spot within the fan zone. To make things even more convenient for spectators, experts are installing the screen at the height of about one meter from the ground. Great quality image will be accompanied by great quality sound provided by up-to-date equipment. The sound will be distributed evenly throughout the fan zone, yet the noise levels will stay within the allowed normative range,’ the city council reports.

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