Burevestnik wins a prize for serial production of naval gun A190-01

11 June 2014 (09:21)

June 11, 2014. The team of Burevestnik Central Scientific Research Insitute (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) won the Nizhniy Novgorod 2014 Prize in the Industry category with its naval gun A190-01. The badges and diplomas were given to the laureates by Mayor Oleg Sorokin during the awarding ceremony in Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin, the corporation's press service says.

'This city thinks very highly of Burevestnik's achievements: the company managed to run full-scale production upgrades and launch serial production of an improved naval gun for its government defense order within a very limited time span. The technical parameters of the A190-01 gun that was designed by the company experts outstrip those of the best Russian and foreign counterparts and has been declared the naval gun of choice for the Russian Navy's fleet,' the company says.

All in all, 98 developments in 22 categories competed for the Nizhniy Novgorod Prize in 2014, which was 30% more than a year earlier. The prize has been awarded since 1993. This year, 72 private individuals and 3 organizations, authors of 25 works selected by the board of jurors, became laureates. The jurors selected the developments with considerable economic effect or impressive scientific, cultural, or social significance.

'The number of contestants this big means the prize is prestigious and makes the candidates want to compete for it. The prize is only given out to the most respected, the most creative, and the most hard-working people. All the prize-winning developments are already being put to production,' Sorokin said.

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