Uralvagonzavod’s head plant focuses on training skilled cadre

21 May 2014 (09:13)

May 21, 2014. A two-day research-to-practice conference held on the premises of Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s head plant was dedicated to training competitive blue-collar workers as part of the corporate training strategy.

According to the corporation’s press service, heads of HR departments from all over the holding, representatives of Sverdlovsk Region-based defense enterprises, and founders and representatives of Uralvagonzavod Corporate University came to discuss the issue.

The conference comprised three round table discussions: 1) Dual Education. German Experience and Dual Education Aspects in Russia 2) Professional standards & Creating Applied Skills for Blue-Collar Job Certification 3) Training Blue-Collar Workers within Industrial Enterprises & Corporate Training Strategy. A general meeting of the founders of Uralvagonzavod Corporate University Non-Profit Association took place as well. Chairman of the Board of Founders and the corporation’s Deputy DG for Human Resources Svetlana Ivanilova spoke about the development of corporate training projects and about a three-year advance training program.

‘Uralvagonzavod is currently suffering from severe personnel shortage. We are ready to take on 5,000 to 14,000 workers in 2014. There are more than 300 people in managerial positions who are involved in our training programs at the moment. This year, over 15m RUR will be invested in human resources within the Corporate University Project, and over 35m RUR will have been invested by 2015,’ she said.

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