PNTZ metallurgists to hold clean-up day in Pervouralsk

April 23, 2014. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ) used 18 different vehicles to have a clean-up day in Pervouralsk: loaders, KAMAz trucks, and multi-purpose road maintenance vehicles, the company's press service says.

To make Pervouralsk look nice and clean, the plant bought the necessary appliances such as brooms, spades, whitewash for the trees, buckets, paint rolls, and 26,000 trash bags. The clean-up day's slogan was, 'Pervouralsk. White. Clean. Mine.'

'We cleaned up 32 hectares of municipal quarters last year, whitewashed 1,170 trees, and took over 2,000 m3 of rubbish onto the landfill site. Besides, we repaired and painted road fences and safety rails. Everything that PNTZ team does, it does quickly, efficiently, and conscientiously. This is why the plant taking part in the clean-up will be conspicuous for everyone,' says PNTZ Service Chief Engineer Alexander Borisov.

PNTZ workers will clean up rubbish from 21 sectors in Pervouralsk this year, with each department responsible for a specific sector. The workers of PNTZ Finishing Center will clean up the area around Voskhod Movie Theater in Vatutin St as usual.

The square behind PNTZ Palace of Culture is to be cleaned by several departments.

'Our team has been cleaning up this section in Vatutin St for four decades now. There is quite a bit of rubbish there this year, but still, it's much less than in the previous years,' says PNTZ Mechanical Repairs Department worker Radif Fazylbakov.

4,000 workers will take part in clean-up days this week. The Clean-Up Week will be over on April 26, when PNTZ management will head for the city streets.

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