PNTZ Plants 500 Trees in Pervouralsk

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 6, 2017. ChTPZ Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ) carried out a large-scale tree-planting campaign in Pervouralsk, the company press service reports.

Some 500 cotoneaster trees, willow trees, apple trees, and lilac bushes got planted in the city streets and parks. The job was done by the town council urban development services and local farms by PNTZ’s order.

The trees and shrubs were planted in locations with the heaviest automobile traffic: in Komsomolskaya St, Kosmonavtov Ave, Ilyicha St, and Danilov Park.

‘Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant always takes part in urban development and tree-planting projects. Our workers join in the clean-up days in the spring and help repair yards and social infrastructure facilities. We decided to have the trees planted in the Year of the Environment in order to reduce the harmful impact of car exhausts and bring down the noise levels,’ says PNTZ Managing Director Alexei Dronov.

The company directed around RUR 70m to environmental and conservation projects this year. The plant invests in a number of large-scale projects to do with reducing its environmental impact, improving emission control, urban development, and restoration of natural resources.

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