PNTZ starts putting up Palace of New Culture on site

24 January 2014 (13:15)

January 24, 2014. The construction of Palace of New Culture is now in progress at Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group); this is going to be an innovative site for training and creative development of young workers, the enterprise's press service reports.

The project on Palaces of New Culture has been implemented by the Russian Federation Culture Ministry since 2012; this is supervised by Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev. Palaces of New Culture will also be put up in Vladivostok (Isle Russky) and in Kaluga. Pervouralsk is the first city where the construction started.

This was made possible due to PNTZ's active support. A few hectares of land were allocated for the building on the premises of Starotrubny Plant. Since the first stone was laid in March 2013, PNTZ staff have cleaned up the site, installed all the necessary engineering infrastructure, and prepared the part of the road that leads up to the construction site. PNTZ workers provided the builders of Palace of New Culture with the building to house the construction worker teams and the tech support staff.

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